Adult Emoticons

The term "adult emoticons" is used for emoticons that have kind of a rude edge. They are both funny and even a little provoking. We only list adult smileys that are not x-rated. Whilst they may be a little bit rude, they are not actual pictures but merely drawings.

There are times when you are chatting up someone incredibly attractive and sexy and you want to be playful but after a while you run out of funny and yet naughty things to say. What to do then?
Well, as they say, a picture says a thousand word. What may translate as something aggressive or too forward can be interesting and harmless once it is a picture. And when you are chatting online, what can be better than emoticons? Adult emoticons are playful, open to interpretation and add certain flavor to your chatting experience.

Have fun using our collection of adult emoticons.

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Tips and Tricks on Using Adult Emoticons

Emoticons were first invented to clear up the intentions behind written words in the online world. As they progress however, the use of these interesting images have sparked new and unanticipated misunderstandings. When it comes to adult emoticons especially, the risk for such is doubled. Take these steps below to avoid unnecessary discomfort when using adult emoticons.

Know Your Audience

Remember that not everybody reacts well to adult emoticons so before you start using the ones we have here, make sure that the person you are talking to is not offended by such images. We have a wide collection of adult emoticons so you can start by using the least naughty first and then progress as you gauge your chatting partner reactions.

Protect Your Computer
Adult emoticons or rather adult anything are baits regularly used by people who scam and/or spread viruses. So when you search for adult emoticons make sure that your antivirus protection is up to date or better yet, use our adult emoticons, of course!

Give Them a Test Drive
On its own the emoticon may look funny but it may turn into ghastly with certain word or phrase. It is always better to test drive your adult emoticons first. Use them with sentences you predict you will use in real chat conversation later on. Who knows, some emoticons you find rather tame may transform into really naughty or effective in certain context!

Learn or Create Shortcuts
There is nothing more annoying than having a conversation going smoothly and finding yourself wasting some time looking up a certain emoticon and losing the momentum. Your browser recognizes certain texts as emoticons and renders the image accordingly. Try to familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts of your favorite emoticons. For our adult emoticons with no keyboard shortcuts, you can still keep the images in a special file, open the collection of adult emoticons in its own window, ready to use as you type away, charming your chat partner.

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